Am I The Only One ...

Who still belives jungle is too weak because it was overnerfed this year and is in need of xp buffs? It's hard being underlevelled during ganks. It means if a gank isn't promising, going in is just asking to feed. In contrast, farming too much is asking to be underlevelled all game. Then, when everyone is roaming, I'm still underlevelled and will remain so until much later. It's very hard to get going. Meanwhile, if I get ahead as a laner, I can just press my advantage over and over again throughout the game, and have good levels and items. In my BEST jungle games now, I'm not far ahead level wise, but I would be ahead item-wise only. I'm finding it hard to play this game, and I used to play a lot. I've been off and on since Season 1, and Season 9 has been terrible for junglers. Season 8 was pretty bad near the 2nd half of the season with the most snowbally games I've ever seen, but now Season 9 is a little less snowbally, but you have made jungling more frustrating than ever before (imagine being handicapped in this burst meta; such is the role of jungler).
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