I miss playing OLD Ryze so much

The old Ryze was just so fun to play. Carefully using spells for the moment of power. The gameplay sounds and the visual design were fantastic. Really nice job design team! For some reason the balance team did a horrific job of replacing this fantastically designed Ryze into a DULL, Simple champion??? So I heard only briefly you guys complaining about the direction of the game bla bla bla. Let me tell you the direction you should go. FUN. Game has to be FUN. I miss playing my main old Ryze sooo much. Why you guys change him into something that I no longer want to play? FUN FUN FUN. Please make LOL FUN game, not a dull game. I read about why you are changing the Ryze, but I still believe all champions should be stronger each. Why nurf all champians so Champians like the old Ryze has to DISAPPEAR? If I was LOL CEO I would fire people who insist on this game direction. I am a software engineer too. I will work for LOL in 2 years you guys wait. When I do I will make the game so much more fun by bring back the old Ryze, making each champion stronger. For example, Leblanc w used to be faster. Make it faster again. Annie used to have higher attack range. Let her have that range again. Kat ult used to do a bit more damage. Let it have it. Make every champion a bit strong again and bring back my RYZE. The main reason Ryze was changed was because in professional play (or my plays) it was too strong, even though he had the lowest winning rate in North America. Make other simple champians strong and dont make awesome champion like old Ryze disappear. If this doesn't make sense, I am just disappointed in you. I love how you guys nerfed Jinx. She was just too strong. The reason why EDG won against SKT T1 last year in the ASI world champianship was because Jinx was just too OP. I mained her and carried my team to diamond (hehh). These balance changes are great. But you guys are so silly to make every champion weak and make great champions like old ryze disappear. I think the old Ryze is the best game experience I had playing league of legned. The visual was so cool. Sound was so holly and amazing. Game play was so meaningful and thought out. You had to really concentrate and think about your stacks very carefully.
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