I'm done with your balance team and the blatant favoritism.

Ahri's winrate drops from 52% to 51% and what do you know. She already has damage buffs on the PBE bringing back her bullshit damage enhancer on E that you tried to implement before. The changes to her W are a buff with increased up time on the skill overall. She has better scaling on her R now for a mere 10 and 20 base damage taken off at ranks 2 and 3. Increasing her ult CD by 10 seconds at every rank is once again a non-issue considering every damn item in this game now gives CDR. You can't just fucking nerf Ahri. Every time you touch her you compensate her or end up BUFFING her ultimately in the end because you're so damn afraid of her stupid waifu playerbase and the amount of skin profit you rake in off them. Whatever man. Honestly this game is going down the shitter. I used to play 8+ hours a day and now it would be shocking if I play 8 hours A WEEK. All the big challenger streamers are frustrated with the crap gamestate and are moving on to other games to keep them from losing their minds. I don't blame them. Every time I get on this game now, I wonder why I even bothered logging in. The balance team has been pure garbage since Season 5. Keep pandering to your beloved skin sales champ mains.
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