The Hidden Reason Why These Smite Supps Are Getting The Shaft

Back in Season 5 {{item:1401}} was released. For those who were around, you remember how broken it was when it first came out. Well, Innovation happened. {{summoner:11}} {{summoner:12}} Tank Tops became a thing. The two most prevalent were {{champion:102}} and {{champion:14}}. - {{champion:102}} because of her ridiculous clear speed - {{champion:14}} because of his HP stacking passive that worked with {{item:1401}}. They would hard push the wave, run down river, and take Gromp or Krugs or very often just maintain scuttle control at the very least. This gave the team an additional smite, making objectives "unfair" to contest. Also in season 5 the AP jungle Item RuneGlaive came out. Immediately people started testing it out. - {{champion:81}} was the main offender. AP {{summoner:11}} Mid. From late Season 4 to Early Season 6 we had the Sated Devourer. It gave so much atk spd + on hit that ppl started innovating. Who woulda thunk it. - Far from the least useful of the 3 examples, but it created an entirely new set of junglers and even bot laners took it - {{champion:67}} became a menice in the jungle and even went {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:11}} bot for a while Pattern's of laners attempting to use smite to just get shut down through actual nerfs of the item to the point of un-usability The hidden reason is there is no reason. Riot seems to be afraid of letting players deal with change or innovation. Innovation can't be confined by rules because innovation often leads to the rules changing. Innovation is also fought by the masses until it slowly become accepted as a viable strategy. Players like the {{champion:27}} probably deserved a little reprimanding. He made no effort to convey his intentions and plan to the team. Players like the {{champion:20}} however wrote a paragraph at every Champ Select and gave tips and answered questions on how to best work with it. Innovation takes a community wide effort, I do not think any is being given. "Meta" is becoming to important. Maybe I could understand players in Challenger getting upset because they aren't seeing the same 10 champs every game, but anything below that shouldn't matter. If you truly desire League of Legends to be a game where every champion is viable, then let people experiment on how to make it so. If {{champion:20}} can't jungle because of his slow full clear speed, and relatively poor ganks, then I do not see why this innovation isn't accepted? - {{champion:20}} has amazing single camp dps with Consume(Q) + {{summoner:11}} - He was originally created and is still labeled as a "Support" in the system. Perma slowing the enemy atk speed and move speed + increasing your own adc's? I just don't get how people are even upset over this, it sounds genius.
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