Why should I ever want to be above Bronze?

- It's comprised of people who either a. know they suck and are playing mostly for fun or b. people who are delusional and think they deserve plat, who are fun to win against. - Meta doesn't matter nearly as much in low elo. It's perfectly reasonable for a FQC support lane to beat an ardent rushing Janna lane in Bronze. Meanwhile in higher elos this setup is untouchable without your team having their own. - You can still carry as any role in Bronze (even support, but probably only if you're smurfing) The current meta seems to have made games where people don't make any mistakes extremely unfun. I know that ranked isn't supposed to be fun, but what do you get out of seeing {{champion:29}} {{champion:40}} vs {{champion:18}} {{champion:117}} or something close to it nearly every game? Why would I want to rank up, only to have to deal with people sitting botlane the entire game trying to get theirs the items they need to carry?
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