Why are people saying that you can dodge syndra's stun?

It's just impossible in theory; you don't need to know anything else than: -syndra's E pushes her spheres to 1100 range at 2500 speed, no matter where she puts her spheres. the range of her E is 700, if she puts her Q on max range and then presses E, the spheres will move by 400 at a speed of 2500, in other world thanks to the formula t= d/v , her E will reach you in 400/2500 seconds, (0.16 seconds) if you're character has 400 ms, he can move at a speed of 400 units/seconds, which is effectively 64 units/0.16 seconds the only way you can dodge her E is because: -the player is dumb af, and didn't put his Q at max range of his E -the player is dumb af, and didn't put his Q right behind you (and then missed his E)
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