Don't click or read. Just venting.

What is wrong with you people? I know that you are terrible and stuck in Plat5, but just fucking play normals. Who cares if you can't get to diamond, except that you are trash and don't ruin it for the climbers. How the fuck, in this League of Bans do I get three trolls across five games? It has to be astrofuckingnominal. I know that this isn't _the norm_, but it's not too far from it. And what is your recourse? Hope you don't get one next game? Yep. That's all you can fucking do. So lets get this shit straight. In order to climb you have to 1)Win winnable games 2)Hope no one DCs after FB or three minutes. 3) Hope you don't get trolled 4) Dodge obvious losses [losing a little to not lose a lot- fun] 5) Not get a pathetic 4lp from a loss prevented. Why is so much in ones fucking way? And another thing. Why the fuck is there even a "tiering" system. Ever heard of mental resistance? Its a fucking thing. Referring to the people that got to the highest tier they can achieve this year (in their mind) and continue to play ranked- but play it like its not ranked. The "well im not getting out of gold anyways" mentality probably holds up some half decent players from getting into gold in the first place. Furthermore, doesn't this go against Riots carebare philosophy? Just use numbers. Like old elo. Now instead of having 500points you are bronze. BRONZE! Oh third place in the real world... not so good, but here its even worse. Its like you are so bad that you are in the seventh best league. How is that for a slap. Do away with it so people that are "stuck" in the 5 of their tier (currently) would play like it mattered (if you change it.) Hope no one reads this. You probably aren't ready for it.
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