About Time to Bring Mac Optimization

Wassup boys A lot like most Mac users, I was a long time PC user that switched to iOS a few years ago. I'm not a huge gamer, and have quite a bit of documentation and creative work to do so I found Mac to be more suiting for me. I believe there are thousands of players who also enjoy playing league on their Macs, but encounter multiple struggles against basic features. For example, **permission request to use mic for the league voice chat never popping up** (yup, still not available), or **overheating** even on medium to low graphic settings; things you would never experience while playing on PC. Of course, Macs weren't made for gaming (although the gaming community is now growing) nor was this game made with Mac users in mind. But with the current number of Mac gamers and profit Riot reaps, it seems fairly reasonable to begin optimization for this operating system. On the side note, I think it would be more than helpful to implement team voice chat (of course with a way to restrict toxic players) so that players have more effective game plays and don't have to waste CPU and bandwidth on discord. What do yall think? (Insert PC users' sarcasm here)

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