Please change the Meta, it causes toxicity!

_TL;DR Im a crying adc who plays greyscreen-simuator atm_ _I am not a native speaker, so pleasy focus on the content, not the language_ **Why am I even writing?** I started playing LoL in 2014 after buying my first computer being able to handle the game, and ever since, I really enjoyed playing the game... Untill this season. Never in all those years of playing i experienced such a toxic community, that high amount of tilt, flame, blame, spam-pings and also ragequit or troll. I think in about 80% of all my games, at least one player is abusing chat to annoy his teammates before minute 6 ends. **And I think this changed at the end of S2019!** Apart from my own experience, my friends have experienced the same behavior even in games we did not play together, the forum is loaded with threats about how unfun to play this game become. So let´s just assume that there is a REAL increasment of toxicity in LoL the last 6 months. And I blame the Meta out of my experience _ I don´t have data to prove, or to make good assumptions, because i couldn´t find them fast, and did not wanted to do hours of reasearch to get exactly what I want to look at._ --- So as a first step I want to look at **why I am unhappy witht the current status of the game**: * So obviously either me or my teammates get flamed really often. The amount of blaming for the game increased imensly. But only one type of flame. Personal insult, deathwishes, illnesses and curses I can barely see these days. So teams get really mental about the game. * Furthermore I don´t feel like i have any impact on the game - yes, I am a crying adc main. But there are a few adcs which are playable right now, but there is something wrong with them I will recall later. But overall I don´t feel like being able to make a change in the fight - it´s all about **when** a fight starts. The acual "fight" is almost always a burst or a oneshot lasting not longer than 3 seconds of which you are most of the time CCed. --- **What I think is the problem of the current Meta**: The gameplay _feels_ not rewarding for some reasons - you farm up, do good CSing, try trading with the enemies a little bit, but it´s mostly irrelevant, you really struggle making you game work and you do good. You play consistent and are about to get a small lead... then you do one wrong step get killed or so, and you are too much behind. Gamechanging action happen in a too short time, and I think assasins cause this. They have to wait for a good moment to be successfull. So every engage is about, do you onecombo the enemy, if not, he will do. **There is a missing of real fights - all you see is oneshots** And this causes a lack of a rewarding tention, of a real fight where you have to change your positioning while sill attacking, where you can work together, ping in a fight for whom to focus, just doing a diffrence by using your mind in the fight... the way the fight startet is the result of the fight. --- So almost every role got some problems in the current state of the game: _Caused by a domination of assasins (or better, champion who kill you in one combo in a short amount of time < 3sec)_ * **Tanks**: Assasins have high burst, but rather low dps over a long time, so a tank is either not tanky enought to survive the burst, or he is OP cause there is no consitant damage to pressure him. So you are either super OP when ahead or no champion when behind. * **Fighters**: Tend to be rather good, because some of them got actual burst potential, but their playstile is not the one of a fighter. At least those who are played (Lee Sin, Irelia, Renekton, ...) others like poppy are not seen these days. * **Mages**: Are good if they have burst like LeBlanc, Katarina, Syndra and so on. Controlmages with continues damage aren´t in a good position. * **Marksman**: Appart from MissFortune, Aphelios and Senna they are rather bad right now. So why are these 3 good?! Ahhhh - they have burst and oneshot potential. * **Supporter**: The champs are generall usefull, but it makes no fun, playing with someone on a lane who is mostly irrelevant because he is dead (yes, i play greyscreensimulator atm) --- So as a result of the fast games, and short important action, **tention for every role is created**: * **Toplane**: OK, not for toplaners, as far as i know. It´s an Island. * **Jungle**: You are super dependant from your team. A losing midlane means no possibility to have pressure in jungle. A losing botlane and you can´t go in fight in bottom river, you can´t do dragon, and so on. But also your team is super dependant from your earlygame, cause you are the first one who get´s level 2 and level 3. You are super tentioned and important, so you get flamed for the smallest mistakes, and even for those who aren´t mistakes. * **Midlane**: You need to assists your jungler, your sidelanes, and perform well on your own lane. But you are also dependant on your jungler. Difficult situation * **Adc**: Don´t even bother -- you are useless. * **Support**: Don´t even bother -- your adc is useless --- **What are some possibilites for a better Game?** Tanks should be a playable option again. This may can be done, by reducing the overall damage leves - yes, I think we need nerfs, not more and more buffs. Lethality should be changed in a less snowballing way. But tank items shouldn´t be overall buffed, otherwise, tanks will snowball, and have a unfun tank meta. Maybe an increase of some basestats would be a first good step. I have no idea what to patch, but maybe **the deciding factors of balancing need to be increased**: 1. The avarage time-to-kill (ttk) an enemy should stay in a healthy spot for every role and as a distribution for the team. Also the average time-to-die (ttd) of certain roles should be considered. An adc needs to die faster than a toplaner, but pls, make it a relevant amount of time. But it´s not a good game experience when you ttd as adc is below one second, no matter what enemy you are facing. 2. The varianz in winrate depending on game-length is probaly already an important factor. But I think, shorter avarage games as a result of higher damage spikes is not healthy. On the other side, a too variant winrate depending on game-length (kassadin) is not good either. 3. The ratio of CCed time to ttd should be in a good spot. If you get killed in 5 seconds but you are hard CCed the whole time, the meta is in a dangerous spot, if it´s not a special teamcomb. Of course this doesn´t apply to kills below one seconds, there cc is about irrelevant. 4. Combine the listed factors, look for high variances, try new ones, don´t stick to simple winrates, because 50% winrate does not mean a balanced gameplay. It can be coinflip-level 0.5 as a result of "good" balaninc, but then it does not feel balanced. --- Maybe i write complete shit, but I want League to change, because I barely like this game at the moment. I would also enjoy a YouTube-Series on how the Balance-team decides their changes. Maybe with some insight, players get less toxic about their work. Please share your ideas on reasons for the toxicity. Do you experienced a rise of toxicity? What relevant factors in balancing should exist?
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