Petition to remove Sated Devourer and return its prior status until it is BALANCED.

Just something I'm wanting to get out, but these constant introductions of items that damage the gameplay for others, both in ranked, and normal matches, are just really starting to get a little out of hand. Sated Devourer in its current state should've never been removed from the PBE, Riot should've learned their mistake with its prior item. Currently, the Sated Devourer is...Let's be honest, making certain champions far more destructive than they should be -- Udyr, Yi, Shyvana, Jax, Nocturne, and quite a few others. For all that I can imagine, Sated Devourer should've been kept in the PBE for another cycle to make sure it was actually HEALTHY..It is not, at all. For a Yi to be able to do 400 true damage in a second? Jax to land 2 empowered strikes in one second? The list does generally go on. But this item brings a lot of issues. With the ban-limit set to 3, a large portion of champions that can abuse the item are still left remaining, even when 6 bans can occur..There are a lot of choices a player can make -- you can't always ban those 6 sole champions forever. But the issue is, Sated in its current state is so unbelievably broken, there is no reason NOT to abuse it and use it ranked play for a free win. It's literally freelo in a sense. The passive it provides gives a small range of champions full control and unlimited dominance in almost all situations. Most tend to couple it with Blade of the Ruined King for even MORE, benefit -- which further shows how quickly this item was rushed out. I participated in the PBE during the time it was introduced, and the times it was present, it was always the most unhealthy item i've seen in a year now. This item is not yet balanced, fair, nor well-placed in its current state. I'd like to petition that Sated Devourer be reverted to its prior state, removed from the current-live patch, and returned to the PBE for further, DEEPER, more logical balancing. So I'd just like the communities opinion. Do you Find that the item Sated Devourer is balanced? Do you think it should be reverted to its prior state until it is balanced properly? Or do you think it's healthy, and that it is completely fair and appropriate to be used in its current state? If you vote, please explain why and what you voted for! P.S. -- If you vote the 'Why? Devourer is Healthy.' option without explaining why, I/the community will assume you're a Jax/Yi/Udyr freelo padder who doesn't want the OP item taken away even though it's destructive to gameplay.
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