Tryndamere's Ult Changes

So what's gonna happen when they do to Tryndamere what they did to Aatrox? Invincibility on the condition you get a kill. Possibly a short window of invincibility extended by kills. It is ridiculous that you can fight him, "kill him," and then sit there screaming while he continues to smack you at 1hp. It turns close fights into unwinnable fights. I was playing Diana, and was very ahead 8/2 when he started roaming around. I could 100-0 him easily, but then his ult is up. I even tried to time my knockup for near the end to see if it disabled his ult. It of course did not. I know this is an old gripe but that's half the problem for me. His ult is stupid and unfun. It has been stupid and unfun since I started playing in Season 3. It has never not been stupid and unfun. **The Aatrox fix shows a good way to fix it.** Edit: I'm not saying he's OP or unfightable, I'm saying his ult is cancerous to fun. Remember back when Poppy's ult made it so she couldn't be damaged except by one champ, so she'd throw it on the support and go to town? Or when Nidalee's spears could do 80% of your health from off the screen and if she was in a bush they were invisible until halfway to you? OP and unfun usually go hand in hand but there is an actual difference between them.
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