Not Playing Ranked/Normals Until Matchmaking Is Fixed

Last month, Riot claimed that "most teams have an expected win rate of 50 +/-1%" ( But anyone who has been playing this game on a regular basis since the start of this season knows that their statement is a bunch of bullshit. All season, my match history has had a reoccurring pattern of 5-7 wins in a row then 5-7 losses in a row. Sometimes, the pattern would be interrupted by a couple of lucky or unlucky games or the streaks would be a little longer or shorter but my point is, Riot's algorithm is a lie. Rarely do my games seem like either team could win. It was usually clear which team was going to win during the first 5-10 minutes of the game. Whether it was solo/duo ranked, flex, or normal, most games were either easy wins or easy losses. Winning and losing like this, without feeling any sense of challenge or hope, is just not fun. Comebacks shouldn't be so rare, snowballing shouldn't be so common, and teams shouldn't always seem imbalanced. Last week, I was on a 14-game winning streak, which I think is the longest streak that I've ever had. Most of the games were pretty damn easy so I thought that either I've been extremely lucky for the past couple of days or that Riot's matchmaking algorithm was setting me up for a very long losing streak. After this lucky streak, the typical winning and losing streaks came back. But about a week later, I found myself on a very unlucky 12-game losing streak. If Riot's algorithm works then how could my match history be mostly blue (wins) one week, and then 16/20 red (losses) the next week? That doesn't seem like a "win rate of 50 +/-1%" to me. Sure, a few of the losses were due to afks/leavers on my team and/or toxic players who were clearly throwing the game but why would I have to deal with all of that during the losing streak and none during the winning streak? The current matchmaking algorithm makes wins boring and losses frustrating, so I am not playing another ranked or normal game until it is fixed. I wanted to completely quit but a few league friends talked me out of it so I decided to uninstall until any rotating game modes that I like are out. I figure that since many players don't take those modes seriously, the matchmaking algorithm shouldn't affect them too much. If anyone has heard any news about Riot fixing matchmaking, please let me know.
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