Yes master yi has counterplay

I'm tired of every bronze and silver player thinkink he's broken and needs to be deleted/reworked. If I ranked up for Everytime I've seen these threds about you being op then I'd be high elo. If you cc him when he uses his ult, then congrats. You stopped him. The you'd bring up the agrument about his q. You can bait it out. If he used his one gapcloser to get closer to you an you're an assasin or burst mage just kill him. He's not tanky at all.Also targeted cc like Annie passive, Ryze ew, tf gold card, also if you na Have an escape, use it. Still saying he's broken. There's one more thing. Anyone with a wall. Azir, can knock him back and the wall will keep him from getting to you unless he has flash. The others can just stop him from getting to your team. Also randuins omen exists if he builds crit. Tl;Dr he's squishy, prone to hard cc and his q can be baited, he isn't Kayne or talon, and radduins omen for crit.
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