"Supports should know their place"

The mentality I've been fighting against for six fucking years while everyone continues to shunt more responsibilities onto the support's shoulders until they're the only ones doing anything in the game that isn't teamfights or pentakills. While everyone else wants to act more high and mighty than the support and lose their absolute fucking shit the instant the support shows any degree of initiative or does something they "shouldn't". In a single game, I've had to push and defend more objectives as a support than entire continents have as every other role combined in their entire lives five hundred million times over. I would rather not get punished for being the only one defending a lane because the team decided to teamfight the jungle camps for twenty minutes. I should not be forced to lay down because my ADC decided to give up on life and retire to a dark room to hold a loaded gun in their mouth for the rest of the fucking day, just to see if they are truly cool with that being the last fucking act of their miserable fucking existence. If the rules have to be slanted so goddamn far against the support just to satisfy the infinitely fragile fucking egos of every other role so they can pretend they have the biggest fucking dick in the room, then the problem lies with everybody else, not the support. If the support ends up being the most dangerous unit on the team, that's the just desserts of having to pick up four players' worth of slack for so many fucking years and every single one of you can fucking choke on it.

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