Making yourself carriable

The reason I'm making this post is because I feel like 90% of players put too much emphasis on "I have to carry, I have to carry the game" and they make it too hard on themselves to make a play, get a kill, try to get back into the game. Often times players forget to make themselves carriable. People, listen, you dont have to carry your game all the time. If someone else is fed, then make it easier for them to carry you. Its not all about you, its about how either you carry the game, or if your losing, how you can make it easier for the person kicking ass, to keep kicking ass and carry you. Its about supporting that person thats carrying you, so you can win the game. Quit thinking you need to get back in the game, you are always in the game. Quit thinking that you need to be flashy all the time. Think to yourself "is this going to help me win the game?" If the answer is anything but yes, then dont do it. You can carry a game, by making yourself as light of an anchor as possible to the boat thats trying to carry you to victory.

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