I think Riot Games went overboard with the new Rune system

After playing a few games on Patch 7.22, the first big thing I have noticed is more kills happening earlier on, and games ending with more overall kills. I checked the damage graphs after game and noticed most of the champions have higher damage numbers than I've seen before. Just last game, a Teemo did 56.3k damage, and Tristana did 49.8k damage in a 37:56 minute game. That's pretty damn high. I think it's due to some of the new runes giving a lot of free damage that scales very high. I would say it's about an 10-20% damage increase overall. Aside from the damage being higher, I don't like the new Reforged Runes system. I think some runes give too much, and others give some ridiculous things like: - zombie ward (killing enemy wards raises a friendly zombie ward in its place; also, friendly wards that expire raise zombie ward in its place) - ghost poro (entering a bush leaves behind a poro that grants you vision) - eyeball collection (gain adaptive bonus AD or AP for eyeballs from champion or ward takedowns) - summoner shards (allows you to use summoner shards to replace a summoner spell) - magical footwear (free boots at 10 min, but cannot buy boots until then) - future's market (you can enter debt to buy items) I feel it is too many things that just complicates the game more. It's just more things to keep track of and worry about. I just think it's unnecessary. I know League of Legends is a free game and I will still be playing it because it is fun, but I don't like that they keep changing things around that I don't think need to be changed. I like games to be simple, where the focus is mostly on the gameplay and mechanics. What do you guys think about this new things that have been implemented? Thanks for reading.
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