Questions about Yuumi

Hopefully someone on boards or Vandrill could answer my questions. Can you use Yuumi to look over walls while she is attached to you? Can you use Yuumi to check bushes while on other side of wall? If Yuumi is attached to Tahm Kench and then he ults, can he bring himself, Yuumi, and another ally to the destination? If Yuumi’s attached ally ults does she detach after they reach the destination? When Yuumi uses her ult, can she aim each shot or will they all be aimed in the same direction? When Yuumi ults, can it change direction when her attached ally faces a different direction? Can you use Sweeper Lens with Yuumi over walls? Can Yuumi attach to a new ally when her current attached ally is cc’d? Can Yummi avoid getting pulled by Urgot’s ult by attached to an ally? When characters like Leblanc or Shaco clone themselves while Yuumi is attached to them, does Yummi show which one is the real one? Can Yuumi attach to pets or clones? Can Yuumi taunt while attached to an ally? If Yuumi uses her E while attached to a feared ally, can she speed them up? Does Yuumi stay attached to Kog Maw or Sion when they use their passives?
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