Why do I get paired with players I report?

So we lost a game. Our Lee Sin decided to sit at base for 7 minutes until we lost. Basically an afk, just not official. On top of that, he was a jerk about it. So I reported him. Go to play the next game, and hey, guess who's there! The same Lee Sin! Playing Lee Sin again! I'm support this game, so I show my intent to play Janna. What does the Lee Sin do? Bans Janna. Of course. So at the end of the game, I'll report him again. But all of this could have been avoided if the system just didn't pair me with the same person again in the first place. Seriously, why pair together the people who report each other, but not the people who honor each other? Why does the system do this? Now I'm likely to lose another game with the same person who I already reported for not being very sportsmanlike because of the exact same problem. Rito please.

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