An Idea On How We Can Deal With Troll Picks

This is just a random thought I had. But one thing we all hate in any game is troll picks. Troll: *apply rank here* or Feed Other: Just play the game dude. Troll: *picks Sona JG cause you wont give them role* Then our game is completely ruined before the game even starts. And when we dodge, we lose LP and have to wait to queue up again. What if we had a "vote to kick" system like Rainbow Six Siege? Except instead of it being in game, its in the champion select. If a person is kicked, all 9 people go back to Queue and go back with each other (like ordinary dodges). I don't see the point in not implementing this. It helps us not waste 40m of our time, and not lose LP in the process because someone got salty and troll picked. No one loses in this situation except the troll. Any thoughts or suggestions would totally mean a lot!
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