My suggestion as to how to make counter-jungling/ farming more necessary for junglers

Recently a fair few people have started to feel that a core part of jungling, counter-jungling, is significantly less viable due to the changes the game has seen over the past year or two IE emphasis on ganking junglers, more objectives to control etc. Here's my suggestion: Nerf jungle enchantments, then have most large monsters offer a minor stat buff to champions that have a permanent smite (no spell book shenanigans), plus a brief haste after killing an enemy's camp (1.5 seconds-ish). The latter can certainly be added, since poacher's dirk existed once. This way, to maximise the success of a gank, a jungler should aim to take specific camps before making a move. Gromp could give adaptive force, wolves a small movement speed buff, etc. These would also allow farming junglers to develop an advantage in their own way, since the buffs will allow them to clear a bit faster as well. This would also making counter jungling more valuable/ viable. It would weaken the enemy jungler's skirmish power, plus the haste would allow a faster retreat. Lastly, I would say that Krugs and Scuttle in their current state offer enough value as is, and don't need any changes. The gold and river control respectively offer enough value alone.
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