Swain's ultimate is not a upgrade of his old one.

> To try and resolve these problems, we moved the transformation ability to Swain’s ultimate and gated it behind a longer cooldown. Increasing the cooldown meant we could add a lot more power into the ability. Now, Swain no longer needs a certain number of souls to transform. Well first let me point out that the last statement purely false. He needs at least one soul fragment to transform. Lets just make a list and see how they compare. 1. Effect Radius a. Old: 700 b. New:650 2. Cool Down (both static) a. Old: 20 seconds b. New: 120 seconds 3. Max Drain Targets a. Old: Up to 5 with a one second cool down per target b. New: Up to 3 damaged per second 4. Damage a. Old: 50/70/90 with 20% AP scaling b. New: 30/50/65 with 14.165% AP scaling 5. Healing (champions) a. Old: 20/30/40 with 12% AP scaling b. New: 20/35/50 with 16% AP scaling 6. Healing (non champions) a. Old: 8/11/13 with 3% AP scaling b. New: reduced by 80% of champion heal value 7. Cost a. Old: 25 Mana Per Second + 5 Per Additional Second b. New: Requires at least one soul fragment 8. Cast time a. Old: none (toggle) b. New: .25 cast time **Miscellaneous** New ultimate grants Swain 150/275/400 bonus health after casting ultimate New ultimate can be recasted to active Demonflare after restoring 125/300/450 health * Does 45/60/75 damage for each soul fragment (up to 5) with 27% AP scaling on each fragment for a potential of 135% AP scaling. **Conclusion** Swain's ultimate recieved a substancial cool down increase yet the power is relatively the same and arguably was made weaker. Swain got swindled in the ultimate change and defintely needs more buffs and/or shifts in power within it. My theory is some Demacian scumbag got involved with his rework and cheated him out the ultimate he deserves.

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