To Riot and Those Enjoying the Current Meta

I want to ask some legitimate advice. How do you suggest playing in the current meta specifically for the sake of fun? I used to play League a lot. I enjoyed improving my performance each game, analyzing my stats after to see where to improve because I wanted to perform well when I would play with friends. I specifically enjoyed playing champs who used slightly more subtle tactics to win the game overall rather than go 10/0 vs my opponent in Lane. Examples including playing teemo and mind games around making my opponent so terrified of a potential mushroom that one of a few things would happen. They'd call the jungler and I'd waste their time so my jungler could get a lead, they'd get frustrated and leave lane and I'd split push, or they'd be stuck under tower trying to farm between blinds. I also felt successful in other lanes under certain conditions. Such as successfully being a disruptive cc tank. Or properly warding in order to get information on the jungler. Our even simple stuff like flash juking Zed shuriken after having R pressed on me to burst him with a combo of my own as lux or some other immobile mage. Nowadays I tend to reach points of frustration with the game that I don't want to reach. It's a very large amount of stress I don't feel should come from any game and it's always sourced when I tend to feel useless in a team. No matter if it's win or lose, if I'm doing extremely poorly then I'm upset because I let my team down. I personally feel like it's because game damage is to high, especially when I'm playing the immobile types of champions I enjoyed playing at one point. It seems like if I get hit by one form of CC at all then I'm dead before I have a chance to get free even if flash is up. I understand Riot must have their reasons, and I understand someone out there must enjoy the current state of the game so I'm legitimately asking for advice here. Do I just need to get better? Do I need to force myself to play the hyper mobile champs just so I have more than flash to escape? More than anything I simply want to be able to enjoy the game without having the 50-50 toss up of either doing really well or feeding. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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