How did LL Stylish get this Zed ult off?

THIS IS NOT A SCRIPTING ACCUSATION OR WITCH HUNT. I want to know how it happened. In this video (yes I know stupid montage video, it was in my recommendeds and wanted it out) skip to 4:34 He sticks on this ekko, and he waits for ekko to flash before he ults. The last time his cursor was on ekko was before almost a full second before his ult went off, and after he DOES flash the ult activates while hes doing a movement command nowhere near the ekko, almost a solid 5 frames after he flashes. This is a few frames after the ekko's flash and the moment Zed activated ult His last command was a movement, and his cursor is not on him. We saw previously that ekko hasnt had red outline from his cursor for almost a solid second, so he did not press R and then ekko flashed. How did he do this? Is there some sort of hidden hotkey to hold the ult before its done being pressed and it will do it automatically? Seems impossible to me... EDIT: Seems this blew up I didn't accuse anynone of scripting, I didn't accuse anyone of cheating, I wanted to know how it happened, possibly so I could replicate it myself. Anyone who made that implication (including you) is your own fault. I'll admit, I wasnt perfect and I didn't take the time to make exact numbers because I'm lazy as fuck. But the fact that you took the time to flame a single gameplay boards post, infamous for how toxic it was (granted that I contributed there) really says more about your character than anything else. I dont even know who LL Stylish is. The name doesn't matter. But judging by the fact that this guy needed to post a response on stream shows hes apparently more toxic than hashinshin lol. If he wants to talk to me without hiding behind is viewers, go for it.
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