Why Commercials must exist on Riot Streams Because it is a Channel

On television, whether you are watching Baseball or Basketball, there are always commericals. The fact that the LCS has no commercials completely is just very unusual. All television channels have commercials, or revenue, because it is a "channel". Imagine during the pause before the next game, there is like 10 commercials. I think Riot would benefit from this a lot. During Worlds, we get the acer commercials;however, the advertisement only exist at the end of games. Why not have the advertisements before the games? Food, Supermarkets, car, airline, phone companies. Where are those commercials? People always want Riot to have so sort of commercials. However, those people call Riot "sellouts" for having the Acer commercials. All SPORTS HAVE COMMERCIALS, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. I like the comparison to WWE because pro wrestling is just another "scene". Of course it is scripted, but why can't the LCS be like any TV produced show. We need the commercials that exist on TV that will extend all the way to online. Implementing it in the Broadcast will be difficult. However, this will promote the revenue that People can accept this as a sport.

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