Is Lowering Damage Even Under Consideration?

Damage is too high. When people get ahead, it's fair that they do more damage and are more difficult to fight. However, dying to a single Neeko R, to 2 or 3 auto attacks plus 1 ability from anybody, watching Tryndamere 1v3 3 full hp enemies during his ultimate. Watching Yasuo dash through 2 or 3 people and proceed to drop them one by one .... it becomes extremely difficult. We have few options to counter this. We could build more damage to try to take down those ahead, but they will always do more damage than us. We could build tankiness, but think about it. If they can use just a portion of their kit to 100-0 you, then if you build tankiness, they still have more buttons in their rotation they can use to still 100-0 you in 1 rotation. The damage is so high that the very strategies that could help a team falling behind don't actually help them. In the past, we had more armor and magic resist available through runes. We need access to these stats again. We need equal access to great defense runes compared to all the great damage runes we have. I'm talking about runes reforged abilities. Defensive runes reforged bubbles need to actually be more various and effective. Please! Then, lifesteal can serve a function again (You can't lifesteal if you can't spend time on someone and stay alive.) We would have more time to interact with all our on-hit builds, our crowd controls, our attempts at team play. As it is, we win or lose with only parts of our kits in play. In the past, with less damage, it took many interactions to accomplish kills and to accomplish snowballing. If you keep the damage high, then there is simply no recovery to many situations. I'm not a noob, I'm being honest. Some games are just over at times, and it didn't used to be that way. Once someone can 1 hit you or kill you with a couple bits of their autos and 1 ability, you literally can't get them unless they're isolated and they run into your packed 5 man. If damage was lower, they'd have to spend more time actually doing things to stay ahead, and the losing team with numbers would also need to play well to coordinate the crowd control comeback kills. Right now, winning players can run around 2-tapping people for the win. EDIT: am posting the Neeko gameplay as promised. I respect this enemy Neeko. She was a great player and had a good attitude. I was just upset with how quickly she was able to kill people at midgame. Begin watching from 22:34 to see her 1 hit KO 2 people with her ultimate. She did it again later in the video. Also, watch her 2-tap me at 30:32. I was the Ezreal on the opposite team. WOW, there is a bad name in the youtube URL and the boards won't spell it out Here is my Channel. The Neeko game is the most recent video on it. I can't post the URL here without, I don't know, deleting it and reuploading it to Youtube because the URL gods are trolling me. I have 30-300kbps internet right now and don't want to reupload it.
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