LS's newest vodcast really made me think

LS Logic - Champion Balance & The Boring Meta
TIMESTAMPS BELOW: 0:00 Introduction 0:27 Patch 9.14 3:00 How imbalance creates balance 6:45 Why the current meta fails and devolves over time 9:10 Why Lissandra felt too strong when she wasn't 11:15 Placebo buffs in a boring meta 15:30 Reliability is king in a nerfed meta 16:55 Make everything strong
Look, I've thought for a long time that I've been sick of the arbitrary rotation of 20 or so slots of useful champions in this game. Riot has clearly not been approaching balance in the right way if the game is less fun the way they do it. Who here is sick of their main getting nerfed every time they get strong or like, they nerf the king of a class because the whole class is making another class completely obsolete but they don't fix the core issue. He makes a compelling argument
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