Ryze Nerf Means Disappointment to Riot

I am diamond 2 Ryze main. I was played into silver 2 this season (February 2016), and I made it to diamond 2 as of today (2/11/2016). You could say I am the League veteran, and yes I am. By the way, before I start, Ryze had the lowest win rate in all champion pool. And Riot decided to nerf Ryze. Okay. Then maybe I thought they are making a few changes to nerf him in a small way. But they didnt. They max capped the Ryze passive to 5 spellcasts. I can cast 5 spells with ryze under 2 seconds - passive time is 5 seconds. This is a major damage reduction to Ryze champion. This champion change is so disappointing. I wanted to work for Riot, but Riot didnt accept me. Now I think people who work on champions are pure retards. The thing I loved about Ryze, as a Ryze main, Ryze takes LOL to a whole new level - the new world of esports and sports. Ryze requires amazing focus and precise, fast hand movements. You need the most energy to play Ryze well - physical, active movments. (My hand muscles have evolved to play ryze well). Ryze players like me try to maximize the damage of Ryze in a passive time. This is a beautiful thing. If you really want it, you can get it. It is like the American dream. If you are willing to work hard and do it, you should be able to succeed. Time limit to the passive instead of 5 cap is just a beautiful thing. This beautiful champion is now a dummy champion like all others. Ryze now doesnt require the same athletic mind from me. Ryze doesnt produce that amazing excitement and flow of hormones trying to prepare for the one moment. Ryze became a dumb champion. It is capable of far less. Like how all champions are becoming. As I look around for other champion alternatives to main, I couldnt find any. It seems like all champions became so boring. I think riot is making all champions to become like this nerfed Ryze right now. I really believe the reason Starcraft 2 failed was because Starcraft 2 was so dumb compared to Starcraft 1. People who made Starcraft 2 were so careful - they were just people's puppet without their own strong thoughts and plans. League is becoming like Starcraft 2. I want to advise Riot, in order to make more fun game, you should NOT nerf champions like you did with Ryze today. You should buff champions - or at least dont nerf every champion. Buff fiora's healing field to be long as BEFORE. Make Ryze passive only limited by time. Make Jinx q attack speed as fast as before. Make lb qw silence the enemy. Make Talon e silence the enemy. Let kat's ult do more damage as before. Dont nerf poppy. Dont nerf corki. Let them all be strong to make exciting fun games. You think you are doing meaningful job updating the game, but by making every champion weak you are destroying the fun of the game. Bring back all the above things back to all champions. Instead of making champions weak, just let them be. Make champions stronger than current standard. Because now I really dont want to play League of Legends. It became a stupid game. Your updates that make champions weaker is making the game a mindless, pathetic game that people dont have as much fun or value in. League of Legends is now like Starcraft 2. Just like Starcraft 1 was amazing and Starcraft 2 wasn't that great in terms of game design, League of Legends is becoming a dull, mindless game. Every champion is losing their strength and thus fun. If every champion were as strong as before like lb, talon silence still there, jinx q attack speed up, corki not nerfed etc, Ryze did not have to be nerfed. The fact the Ryze was nerfed according to all other champion means that today is a sad day. I wish I could work for Riot so that instead of nerfing every champion, I could just leave the champion as they were.
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