Top Lane's State

As a proud top laner, top lane is awful rn. It's a game of "read the patch notes" and "counter the enemy laner". Boring. It feels bad to lose a game because u were first pick. And also... the balancing team doesn't do top lane right? EXAMPLES: Shen(My main): In a good state... So they give him a fat damage buff so he doesn't even have to build Damage items to dish out more damage than an ADC Jax: Op... gets a damage buff. Pantheon(One of my favorite top laners): Gets a rework where his Q damage is somehow a diceroll on how the damage is and now gets countered by who he used to counter. But he is fun, just needs a small fix on his Q. Darius: Op... nothing Kled(My pocket pick): a VERY strong lane bully... gives a 5 second GW. Renekton: Good or Amazing... gives the ability to literally remove a shield just cuz. Riven: SO op... useless nerf Galio: ok or awful... now dead. I just want to have fun in this game again man, Pantheon's rework into mediocrity but fun makes him impossible to play in ranked and so i can either play shen or get filled to jg. And lets not get started about jg. This is a poorly worded rant and i felt like it had good enough reasoning to be in the gameplay board. Feel free to agree/disagree :)
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