Tips to fight Kled as melee?

Kled, I don't have the slightest clue how to beat him...he has: -Almost twice your HP with maybe only a ruby crystal -A lot more movement abilities than most top laners (aside from maybe Renek, Fiora, Poppy because W, not Riven because Kled is more instant) -A hook that you can only hope he misses at melee range (most champions don't have a long enough dash to get out) -70% of his HP he can get back for free if your fight lasts longer than 3-5 seconds -An ult you literally cannot outrun as any top lane champion but Quinn So, I can't kill him because he has extremely absurd base hp, I can't outrun him because his CC and abilities are far better combined than nearly every top laner, I can't one-shot him because he has a free invulnerability, and I can't poke him down because he'll get his health back if I all in. On top of that, he just sorta deals 1/3 of your hp every time he goes in and I tried damaging on his CDs but that didn't work,. He's one of few champions who can just straight-up 2v1 level 3 with next to no visible advantage. Got any tips for fighting him early? If you're going to use an example scenario champion, preferrably Darius, Shyvana, Nocturne or Shen. If you check my match history you'll see I play Noc top. High damage early, tank late-game, good utility as a top laner and can beat any matchup except maybe 3. Edit: holy shit his wiki, he has such a loaded kit man...
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