Tahm Kench and his Abysmal Post 25-minute Win Rate

Re-posting as a main topic. Tahm Kench has a couple balance point problems (both top and support)- 1 - He's oppressively strong against most melee champions (With the exception of Trundle, Mordekaiser, and a particularly AIDS playstyle of Yorick), there are no support melee champions that can deal with Tahm Kench (imo). But only for the first 20 minutes. 2 - He's relatively weak into ranged champions who have a bit of IQ when it comes to positioning in Lane. These two points are pretty much in line with what should happen to a melee support going into a ranged support, and a Melee "Juggernaut" as I like to call him, going into a ranged Top lane matchup. However, his damage is unchanging from levels 1-10, and then goes up at 11 and 16. And these levels are not as strong as he used to be. His win rate takes an absolute nose dive after 20 minutes, because his damage & utility "scaling" just cannot keep up with League of Mobility. My first suggestion would be to bring his passive in line with many other 3-hit passives, in that it increases at levels 1, 6, 11, and 16, and also bring it back to it's former glory at level 16 (6%). His late game Winrate is abysmal. He has almost no use other than to spam Q slows and W on allies, and body block crowd control. Other tanks can deal a semblance of damage, or have mobility to dive and engage the back line with AOE crowd control. Tahm Kench after 30 minutes is a one trick wonder, unless you build him into a very specific play style (afk split pushing). what this would look like: > Acquired Taste Passive > Level 1/6/11/16: > Zero stacks: 0.375% // 0.75% // 1.125% // 1.5% > One stack: 0.75% // 1.5% // 2.25% // 3% > Two stacks: 1.125% // 2.25 % // 3.375% // 4.5% > Three Stacks: 1.5% // 3% // 4.5% // 6% > > Level 1: Keep his early game power in line with max 1.5% (max hp) magic damage on 3 stack auto attacks > Level 6: Give him a boost since he doesn't have a combat ultimate > Level 11: Another power up at Level 11 (when other people get their rank 2 ultimate) to keep him in a good spot 20 minutes into the game > Level 16: Another power up to bring him back to his pre-work 6% strength, which should help his abysmal late game winrate Additionally, there should be a bigger reward for being focused enough and aggressive enough to get three stacks applied to an enemy champion. > Tongue Lash > Target Range: 800 > Collision Radius: 50 (up from 35, not 70 like it used to be) > Cost: 50/52.5/55/57.5/60 Mana > Cooldown: 6 seconds all ranks > > An Acquired Taste: The target enemy champion is also stunned for 1.5/1.625/1.75/1.875/2 seconds > > These changes would bring the power of the stun duration in line with other champions where the stun is a core part of their kit (), while still requiring three stacks to be applied (thus the aggressive melee focus of getting stacks on one champion) and still requiring the Q to hit. It makes the Q with three stacks more rewarding, but not overpowered without counter play. W is in a good spot. Just bug fix it for the love of god! (I'm looking at you Q+W!) As is pointed out in all the threads, many champions, either through itemization or skills, have always had or received some sort of mobility enhancement. Nautilus has Q, Maokai has Twisted Advance, Braum has his Leap. Blitzcrank has movement speed increase on W. Thresh has hook. Gragas body slam. J4 Flag and Drag. In fact there are very few champions, tanks especially, that don't have any form of in-combat movement boosting ability. Darius is one, but darius always itemizes Black Cleaver, which, lets be real, you wouldn't put on Tahm Kench. Darius also does a LOT more damage than Tahm Kench. As such, E could use a little bit of love, and it would make sense to tie it into the Acquired Taste Passive, just like Acquired Taste has ability altering effects on Q and W: > Thick Skin > Cost: 50 mana > Cooldown: 6 seconds > > Passive: Tahm Kench stores a percentage of the damage he takes as Grey Health on his health bar. (60%/70%/80%/90%/100%) > > NEW PASSIVE- ACQUIRED TASTE: For each stack of Acquired Taste, Tahm Kench gains a flat bonus amount of movement speed towards the enemy champion that the stacks are applied to as follows: > > Zero stacks = zero bonus movement > > Rank 1/2/3/4/5 > One Stack: 2/4/6/8/10 bonus movement speed > Two Stacks: 4/8/12/16/20 bonus movement speed > Three Stacks: 6/12/18/24/30 bonus movement speed > > This bonus movement speed goes on cooldown when Tahm Kench uses the Thick Skin active ability. > > Total Health Restored: _*UNCHANGED*_ Here's how I would change his ultimate- He is a River Demon. He can take you on a journey For a cost > Abyssal Voyage > > Target Range: 4500/5500/6500 Cost: 100 mana + SEE TEXT Cooldown: 120/110/100 > > Taking damage DOES NOT interrupt Abyssal Voyage. Only hard crowd control can interrupt Abyssal Voyage. (Stuns, Suppressions, anything that displaces Tahm Kench. Roots do not interrupt so long as the root comes down before Tahm finishes channeling). If Abyssal Voyage is interrupted, it is put on a 10 second reduced cooldown. Abyssal Voyage cannot be activated while Tahm Kench has a full belly. > > ACTIVE: Tahm Kench channels for up to 12 seconds, highlighting the path to his intended destination to allied champions. > NEW: Tahm Kench can take ALL allies on the Abyssal Voyage. After a 1 second delay, the first champion can join the journey immediately. For each champion after the first, there is an additional 1 second delay. > E.G. - Tahm Kench begins channeling Abyssal Voyage -- HIS MANA POOL STOPS REGENERATING --. After 1 second, Amumu hops in to join the voyage. After a 1 second delay, Ahri can join. After another 1 second delay, Thresh hops in, and after a final 1 second delay, Jinx joins the journey. > The initial cast costs 100 mana. For each ally after the first, Tahm Kench must pay an additional 50 mana (max 250 mana). Each ally that wishes to join the journey loses 5% of their CURRENT HEALTH as a cost to join the journey. If the journey is cancelled for ANY reason, the HP cost is refunded, Tahm Kench's mana cost is NOT refunded. > REACTIVATE: Tahm Kench begins a channel for 1 second + 1 additional second for each ally after the first (maximum 4 second channel) which, upon completion, blinks him and his allies to the target location, arriving after a 0.5 second + 0.5 second for each ally after the first (maximum 2 second delay) delay. >
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