Just kill her already...

Please just end her suffering. Her win rate is still in the sewer and she's getting hit with the nerf hammer again. Just kill her and let me focus on playing ahri only. Don't make me hesitate when she's available in the lobby. I think we all know who i am talking about here. Akali. The previous mega nerf made her more or less unplayable. Then she got reinvigorated by buffs. I mean her only saving grace was her "shround" even after the buffs. Now with this nerf list on pbe surrender at 20. Your just torturing her. She virtually worthless from the changelist. Q changed from 70%ap to 80%????? That won't do shit. W is now 25 cd without extension? Are you ret**ded???? What the actually heck??? Plus the removal of obscurity. Meaning she can be spotted via pink???? Decreasing her e dmg??? What?? But why thought????. Its meant as a tool to proc my passive. Oh talking about the passive. And i apologize for my language. WHAT THE FUCKING SHIT? if you dont extend her shround it means she only has 5sec of invisibility. It takes 2sec for her entire kit to go through 1cycle. Q>run>passive>aa>Q. Minus 1sec for dodging and positioning. So W HAS BARELY enough time FOR 2 FUCKING CYCLE. THEN U NERF HER ULT????? IM DONE
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