"Pantheon has talon level damage" is a lie. Pantheon needs changes

While in the base stats it seems that yes indeeed pantheon has better skcaling in his Q if empwoered and his E does damage, if we look at the Talon autoattack reset of 3 autos, with the crit, and especially the difference in damamge when we consider the passive their damage in lane seems about equal. The differences? One: Talon has much lower execution time of optimal damage combo, and lower cooldown of base abilities, making this higher scaling an actual burst. Two: The ultimate: Talon's ultimate when it converges on one target does a shitload of damage and actually scales with AD, while new Pantheon's AD scalings optimally add up TO ABOUT THE AD SCALING OF KATARINA'S ULTIMATE ALONE So now, post 6 Talon does way more damage, and has way lower time to execute his whole combo. Pantheon is not an assassin, stop pretending he would be a good assassin. He has no burst, and has less reliable way to get onto adc's than evelynn (Which if she gets on an adc late game she can delete in less than a second) As for bruiser pantheon.... Most bruisers scale well with total AD or base AD scalings, while pantheon has no base AD scaling, and the best items for him actually would make him viable if he had, total or base ad scalings... I think repurposing Pantrheon tom a full on bruiser with total AD scalings instead of bonus AD scalings and improving his synergy with bruiser items like Steraks might be the way to go, because he falls off so hard by 25 minutes right now, and his scalings shoehorn you into full AD builds to have some damage, but that due to your lack of mobility makes you literally worse than dealing with being engaged on than Xayah. And if you do build bruiser? You are below average and your damage really only shines if you get the perfect oppotunity to get an execute but that requires someone to do all your job, and the squishy wouldve been more easily killed if you picked camille. ANother issue with pantheon: He cannot outbully other lane bullies, and even they outscale him pretty quickly (if someone like renekton gets to level 6 if you ahevnt lost tilll now, you would now for sure lose), despite lane bullies similar to him are supposed to fall off, and the lanes he DOES get to bullly, have easier time dealing with him than other laners and can really survive without feeding you too much, and outscale him fast. (Vlad simply just sustains till he gets an itwem and then just walks up to you and murders you. You cannot threaten him if he has pool, he would outpoke you eventually, even kayle can play safe and lsoe some farm, but the moment sher hits level 11 its game over for you, and kayle can eaisly just deny you damage. After your W ends she can Q slow you and W instantly, and you literally cannot catchup to her to finish your trade with empowered Q, before she eventually whacks you again with her E, and gets a klepto potion that sustains her back to full hp.) The lanes he is supposed to bully can survive and deal with him, and he just loses to other bullies, and not to emntion what tanks like Mundo or poppy and juggernauts like garen deal to him. Poppy and Garen can straight up crush pantheon and should be instabanned if you ever wanna play that hero. So this is it. I think pantheon should eb buffed, and I suggest he gets shifted to more into a playable bruiser. ALso some of his Cooldowns arre way too high EDIT: Has anyone noticed he is the only bruiser lane bully with absolutely no sustain, and one of the 2 bruisers with no in built sustain, while the other is literally a hyper carry.

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