Nerf LeeSin

Why does LEE have so many things in his kit, 3 gap closer (including flash) Q is an execute for some reason and attack speed , W gives shields and life steal and attack speed, E Slows and also gives attack speed! This is not fun to play against. its disgusting that a champion has so much in his kit. Stop adding random perks to his second cast on his skills! Why does his q need to be an execute and reveal champions. Why does his E have to reveal Champions. Why does W allows him to ward hop??? Nerf this overstated champion its not fun playing against in the jungle. 30 percent pick rate yet he is 48 percent win rate sure he is not winning that much but that is because he cant do much in late game. But his early game is so good it doesnt even matter when he just ganks or invades everything to the ground to the point of no coming back. LEE SIN is similar to fiora overstated bull crap wins top 100 percent of the time unless a jungler does something about it but other than that she wins lanes but cant win games. This should not be allowed having players just have to face the fact they have to lose and get flamed on in the beginning and maybe hopefully win in late if no one rage quits. NERFFFFF THIS BRAIN DEAD CHAMPION!
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