After TFT dies out...

Consider making a LOL battle royal. Same heroes same combat same pov and controlls, new quirks. Have areas and environment that can benefit champs. like some tight passages(good for aoe champs)---- bush heavy areas,strips, random, spotted (good for assasins). no fountain. sparingly throw jungle habitats that are high priority with red and blue buffs. Baron nashors. Dragons(good for team based battle royal). Materials can be gold(for items) and bushes(like ivern w)… uhm you can have the spells be picked up throughout the game from chests/kills like there's spells for q, w ,e ,r(each having 3-5 grades) at 3 grades each grade will give 33%effect at 5 grade each grade will give 20% effect for the spell acquired. plants and scuttle for healing.---that way is has that built gimmick to it that can make things interesting. I reccomend going for 3 grades so games wont be as long as other battle royals. and For the areas to close(radius decrease) at faster rate than most other battle royals. also at the last 2 radiuses(zone shrinks) max out everyones cdr at 45% since some champs don't build cdr would make things interesting and faster... ALSO HP full/MANA full/CDS reset when safe zone shrinks. also the spells acquired from looted spells are specific to the champion. that's ofcourse unless you make a custom champ. introducting the costum champ for lol battle royale. 1 champ. you choose the spells and the passive. **What would be your personal favorite custom champ you would create in lol battle royale?** Mine is EVE passive. Shaco q, wukong w, eve E, malphite ult. DID some thinking it would work well. you just pretty much pop E off inbetween q and w stealth (you can either finish of with malph ult or start). I would preffer to take It to a area with spotted brushes and a few tight areas. build? deathcap, sorc shoes, morrels, lich bane, banshee's, gunblade 2nd favorite karthus passive(you lose right after the passive ends(but you win if you manage to kill everyone else in time). Karthus Q. Ire W. Karthus E. Karthus R. build. sorc shoes, morrels, deathcap, gunblade, spirit visage, spellbinder. NOTE: CUSTUM CHAMP IS WII FIT TRAINER Also don't add it in with the client, have it be an independent download. Under a new baby company named DEFINATLY NOT RITO GAMES AND have that company partner with EPIC GAMES because they don't fuck up games like you guys do. The end.
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