Riot we need a good item to rush to counter sunfire cape.

Something that offers magic damage and MR and would be good on fighters who auto attack fairly often. Something that feels perfectly fine to get for a fairly cheap price even if it is not the most slot efficient item option late game. Something with stats like 42 on hit magic damage 40% attack speed 30 MR Unique passive: auto attacks give you 5 MR for 5 seconds stacking up to 4 times. And cost around 2000 to 2200. Perhaps a little more since "all prices are higher these days" so something like 2300 total cost No fancy MR shredding or anything like that just something that is effective at making a sunfire rush not as effective and does not feel like you are wasting a lot of gold in choosing to buy for laning phase but still feels decent after laning phase is over. It would be bought especially when having to contend with the likes of a Fizz or Echo rushing a sunfire cape in top lane or perhaps that vlad who might be showing up more after 6.9 hits. And it would by all means be counter play to the do nothing aggressive power of sunfire cape. Sometimes you can learn a lot from history even if it was less then 4 years ago. Sunfire was not seen as broken or OP in season 2 and had to get nerfed in season 3 for no really clear reason. I have a feeling that one item in specific was doing a darn good job keeping sunfire in check.
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