Goodbye Season 9 and Good Riddance

As we count down the hours to the end of season 9, I'm pretty certain we can all agree that thank Christ this is over. Season 9 has easily been the worst season I can remember playing. Go back to Season 4 where teams could actually play and have a chance past 10 min. Where you could, actually, carry a game. Back to when players made relatively smart decisions to "I don't even know what" now. It's incredible how much this game bred toxicity and one-sided stomps in just one season. It's almost as if it was _planned that way_. There is no consistency whatsoever in Matchmaking or player skill, whether you are in promos or not. It's straight up a crapshoot and may as well be random with what to expect in your games. So glad this Season is over, but I'm probably being WAY too optimistic to think it is changing anytime soon. The matchmaking in Season 9 has been truly horrendous and I don't know how Riot thinks it actually works well and accomplishes the one thing it should do, and that is balanced games. Anyone else want to say goodbye to Season 9 and it's awfulness?

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