Aurelion Sol's Second role?

1. (ADC)Make him a mixed damage adc. Increase sol's star orbit speed with AS. Pros: Creates different Sol's. Some that hit not as hard but super fast or ones that his super hard(more AP, no AS) but slow. Cons: Could be too dominant of a play style with guisnoos and nosher's tooth. 2. (TOP)Make him a juggernaut by giving him heals on his W that scales with AD. The higher his bonus AD the more he heals on his W. Pros: Makes him a juggernaut that could control the fight more. Cons: Not many mixed damage items since he needs damage(AP) along with the heal(AD) to stay relevant. 3. (TOP) Make him a tank by giving him the same healing on his W but let the heal scale with Armor/MR. Pros: New Utility tank hits the rift. Makes the heal impactful without increasing damage problems. Cons: Could become out of hand if the heal is turned up to high if he stacks just resistances. 4. (ADC?)Allow Sol to auto attack while in E to make him more friendly to an adc role Pros: This would be super weird and probably would add anything Cons: Would this really do anything for him? 5. (ADC) Give his ultimate 100% bonus AD scaling Pros: Makes his ultimate one of the scariest ults in the game. Cons: Ult would have to be nerfed all around to make it viable. Possibly eliminating AP Sol 6. (SUPPORT) Allow other champions to ride Sol as he flies. Pros: Brings adc back to lane quicker. Cons: Could be abused by bringing a jungler to the midlane. Could also replace Tahm's ult usefulness 7. (SUPPORT) Any allied champion inside of Sol's stars gain damage reduction. Pros: Creates a fun dynamic of allied champions trying to stay within sol's stars and making Sol a protector. Cons: Would be hard for allied champions to keep pace or stay within the orbit purposefully.

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