When is Jax being addressed?

Jax is basically king of snowballing, and in the current meta of quick games, he's so bullshit. I would say it's the player, not the champ, however I just watched our Jax get utterly destroyed top 1-11. He was raging hard, feeding, and said he just doesn't give a shit anymore. What happens? he still jumps into a team fight and destroys and ends up finishing the game at 15-14. The guy was incompetent, and simply won because of an overloaded champ ( we all did well in other lanes mind you). If he doesn't get banned currently in gold, it's over. You might as well dodge, because you will not win. Had another game where our team captain felt Jax wasnt very strong. YEP.....Jax goes 17-2, GG. His response...."hmm sorry guys".
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