So I tried out Aatrox and here are my thoughts ##NOTE: I'm not making this to be a post of complaint, i'm just simply stating my opinion on Aatrox after playing him several times. ##PASSIVE: DEATHBRINGER STANCE * I don't know why this passive get's consumed when basic attacking minions, because the Cooldown of that is around 20+ secs at level 1. * I find that this passive's damage is the only part of his kit that seems notice-able. ##Q: THE DARKIN BLADE * This ability feels quite clunky to use, because you always need to use your E to land it properly due to how easy it is to dodge it. * It's quite difficult to use this ability because of how each cast has a different range. I assume that this was the ability that introduces the higher skill requirement to his new kit. * Sometimes this ability Critically Strikes and sometimes it doesn't, might be a bug perhaps, or maybe not, nothing is certain still. ##W: INFERNAL CHAINS * This ability doesn't really feel all that useful aside from the bonus CC that he already has. * The damage is really minor. ##E: UMBRAL DASH * The passive sustain is somewhat good at later stages of the game, but it's completely incomparable to what current Aatrox's sustain is like (current Aatrox has better sustain). * The active dash doesn't make any sense by looking how short the dash is, seems like a massive downgrade of what Dark Flight was. It just feels like it's used to serve to be used mainly as a synergy tool with his Q. ##R: WORLD ENDER * Nice Movement Speed boost. * The bonus damage is really un-noticeble (just gain a small amount of AD, very tiny). * Him having a revive every time he has R up is nice but outside of this and the Movement Speed boost it feels pointless. ##Conclusion _Positives_ * Has a lot of CC to provide for his team. * Has potentially more reliable sustain, since now he isn't required to basic attack 3 times to heal anymore. * Has some-what more AoE damage. * Has some good catching potential with his W. * He might be a good jungler, with his AoE damage, Knock Ups and Sustain. * When Aatrox revives he can actually move now. _Negatives_ * Quite weak on really close combat. * No longer has the ability to duel someone. * Q has potential of being good, but currently it offers opponents a window to engage while you cast the ability. * W having a similar issue as his E, having no offensive power aside from the CC or having the ability to catch someone. * E Active ability potentially too weak of an ability on it's own. * Using R feels underwhelming, in terms of offensive power.
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