Thoughts on Rengar Revert

Alright so I made an earlier post about Rengar, it was super ranty, badly structured and I feel like i repeated myself a bit but it got my point across. Link: I want to make a correction to it: The biggest problem with new Rengar is the free crit on his ult and his Q. His Q is clunky, nerfed to the ground, AoE for some stupid reason and just plain not fun to use. His current kit completely killed crit Rengar which was super fun to play. AD Bruiser is not so fun. Here is a _concept_: Lower the AD his passive gives to 12-15% on 5 kills Revert the stacks to as before, it's genuinely no fun in its current state. Revert his Q to exactly as before, **[EDIT]** But give it a 5-10% AD Ratio bonus to compensate for massive W power reduction Have W heal lowered and only cleanse slows. Keep E as is. Remove Free Crit on ult. **[EDIT]** Return the stacks it gave, but not 5 Stacks, more like 3-5 on ult levels 1-3 Because his passive gives free AD, building straight AD seems better, but with lower bonus AD, and no free crit means crit build comes back. The new stack system is 0 fun to use, lets be honest. Old stacks was similar but the feeling of preparing before a hunt was so cool to me. Current Q is ass, lets face it, Old Q is superior in every way, and a core part of the kit. W is way too strong, a free massive heal and a cleanse? Hello? Rito? Besides, with the passive revert, AP Rengar players have a home again. E is fine, live love rengar E R: Remove crit, thats all. Without the crit, crit rengar comes back, which means a much stronger late game but none of the old mid game bullshit jump an enemy for 2k crit before they even see you. On top of the crit removal, with the new camoflauge mechanic, your positioning before a fight has to be a lot better so old glass cannon, wait until all summs are blown before jumping in will be remedied. The original return of 5 stacks right after ulting was pretty busted, 3/4 would be a lot more fair to play against **[EDIT]** Moving a lot of the power in his kit would mean his balance would be in question, so i chose to make the kit overall weaker to preserve the feeling of old Rengar, with plenty of room for Riot to buff/nerf as needed. (Ex: W heal values, E slow) I hope this appeals, because this would make my favorite champion playable again. Please Riot I love this game but my favorite champion is gone and League just isnt the same without Angry Knife Kitty :( **[EDIT]** Sorry for all the edits :p just adding some points or changing something i feel didn't make as much sense, like the W ap bonus.
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