Just when the game couldn't get more snowbally

I've played a sufficient number of games before I posted this, because I didn't want to get the wrong idea too early. But I really like the new plating on the outter turrets. I like that lanes can last just a tad longer, and it seems balanced both towards the winning and losing lanes. However, the inner turrets with miniscule amounts of health is just horrible. Just got out of a game where my team won a 5v4 only to look up and see their tryndamere had gotten 2 towers and an inhib.. before the 20 minute mark. Essentially sealing the game. I know whats next: 'maybe you guys shouldn't have fought.. maybe this maybe that'. Your hypotheticals hold no weight when every. single. game I've played this week has ended in a surrender before the 30 minute mark. Whether its win or lose, there is absolutely no way to swing a potential loss into a win now. Please, for the love of god, revert the inner turret health pools.
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