Next in the Top lane?

As a top laner, it's my job to either be a tank or another carry to have my team more utility. Whether it's by engage, disengage, re-engage, tanking, game-changing ults, split pushing, etc. There are currently, according to, 50 champions in league that are top laners. Whether it's the usual ones like Rumble{{champion:68}} or Nasus{{champion:75}}. Or pretty weird ones like tank Karma{{champion:43}} or full AP Annie{{champion:1}} . The only problem is, who the heck should you get? 50 champs to choose from, and you need at least to own at least 20 to be in ranked. Now, I more than the requirement already, but only 16 of my champs are top laners, the rest are supports, my 2nd role, don't judge. 18 if you count Shyvana{{champion:102}} or Master Yi{{champion:11}} , but they're mainly junglers. So the question is, who to get next? Tell me in the comments below. List of champs I already have for top lane: Annie (ask WE 957) Cho 'gath Fiora Gangplank Garen Illaoi Jax Maokia Master Yi (Traditionally a jungler) Nasus Nautilus Ornn Poppy Renekton Shen Shyvana (Traditionally a jungler) Singed Thresh? (Heard it used to be a thing) Trundle Urgot And this is a list of Champions I'm considering buying, but the reason why some aren't on here is because I didn't play them before, or I don't like the play style: Annie Camille Darius Galio Gnar Karma Kled Lucian Quinn Talon Yorick Zed
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