how about doing the same thing for "immobile mages" that you are doing for "juggernauts"?

i would really like to see something done with immobile mages, specifically {{champion:134}} {{champion:161}} and {{champion:143}} all three of these champions are pretty damn helpless when jumped on. they do have some self peel in the form of CC or a slow, but for the most part if they get jumped on they WILL NOT be able to escape someone like {{champion:62}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:245}} and any other mobility monster that wants them dead. that being said, why do they offer no real power to a team when picked despite these very obvious weaknesses? Syndra/vel/zyra do not offer any more burst over a much safer pick like {{champion:103}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:105}} with the exception of {{champion:143}} , they dont even offer that much more CC either. despite the negativity {{champion:45}} has received after his rework, i actually think both him and {{champion:1}} are PERFECT examples of what a immobile burst mage should be like.for example, someone like {{champion:245}} or {{champion:105}} have to be very careful and think about when to go on these two champs because they can be bursted down VERY quickly. they do not have to worry about that when going on someone like syndra/velkoz tho. So, to make a long story short, why are you guys keeping syndra/vel/zyra weak when everyone else with more cc and utility can do more than them??
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