This time congratulations Riot. The Nunu rework is at ww level

Riot i don't know who did this rework but you should make this guy or this team do all you reworks. You kept the snowball changing it mechanicaly :P You kept the eating concept YOU KEPT THE ULT and i was OMG You added a giant snowball like the aurelion sol q concept You kept them You kept the spells concepts and just modernized them nechanically. Thematically you staid with the comcept of friendship between a monster and a lil guy. That's great. The only counterpart will be robot nunu which was a little bit creepy but was fun to taunt with lol. The new bot nunu seems more cute than creepy haha. The only complain is about how it looks. Yeah i agree for the yeti however the spells are there. They should just give him a classic creepy nunu skin and it would be fine. Otherwise the big issue is that some skin themes have been reworked and the players lost some skins they paid for :I. I think you should have not changed them. Considering what riot has done to swain and beatrice nunu is a masterpiece. This is the kind of reworks i wished every character had in the game. Specially for galio, sion, aatrox and swain. This is the best rework of a character you've done in the game. In my opinnion a good rework is : 1. Modernise the spells and the look of a champion 2. Keep its way of playing and its identity (similar/not almost the same gameplay and visuals) Sometimes not everything has to be changed. Because some spells are too iconic for the characters identity. Nunu's ult was a unique signature move. It was a core identity. Great they didn't removed it like they did for swain's beatrice (his old r). Big GG at the nunu's rework team keep your next reworks like this !
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