More HP for Gangplank?

I dont play much of Gangplank cause i dont think hes strong enough... A lot of people like playing him top and for a top champ his HP is sort of weak compared to Nasus, gnar, and Garen and nearly everyone else... Gangplank changes a lot so its tough to keep up and im not a fan of if you fail to kill with his bullet you cant get any special upgrades... Like new kayle upgrades/scales hardcore for free... Anyways the point of this post is going to be the suggestion that Gangplank could use some more HP.. I think if Gangplank had more base HP and perhaps a little bit of bonus hp in a passive or skill he would be a bit more viable for a top lane... So that when you buy that trinity force or perhaps even a black cleaver on Gangplank he could be a little tanky.. For a visual comparison if you compare Miss Fortune with Gangplank... Gangplank looks quite bigger and looks like he can take some damage.. However Gangplank can die just as quick as Miss Fortune... Miss Fortune is a good adc with a great damage output... Since Gangplanks nerff/reworks gangplank has been more on the weaker side of things regarding damage output... If gankgplank is weak on the damage output then he needs some more HP.. Note: Im not saying he needs to be as tanky as Nasus but GP/he needs something
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