Literally the only change Tristana needs is for her W to be interrupted by any hard CC.

I have been complaining about this bitch and her w for literally years. It's not like Ezreal's E, which is also a blink and his *only* safety feature, and it acts just like Tristana W. Tristana W doesn't require skill or timing to really do. You pretty much cast it before CC hits you and then **literally nothing* can stop you from jumping away.** \* *except thresh but that doesn't count* Not *only* does she have massive range, she has best-in-class safety and nearly the best damage - the only person who scales harder is Kog and he barely performs better because he's a squishy egg that gets instantly crushed and Vayne has a weaker knockback (albeit tied to hard CC situationally) and only has better DPS if you consider her against tanks. Also, why the fuck is her ult a goddamn **aoe knockback.** Yes, it can, situationally, knockback 2-3 people or maybe their entire team. Fuck Tristana, fuck her W ignoring CC, fuck her resets, and fuck pretty much everything else about that champion.
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