While not all reworks Riot have done are great, Pantheon is looking good and promising

I mean, they're still keeping his look very well intact to his old/original and his gameplay is also identical to what he has. He looks and feels a lot better now. Yes, there have been some reworks that have gotten a lot of negative criticism or just haven't worked like they're suppose to now, such as {{champion:84}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:10}} but at the same time we get reworks that for the most part a fairly well done at keeping/expanding themes and just refreshing champions, like{{champion:78}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:20}} And I'm going to be honest: I never really liked Pantheon as he still is right now. He just feels so monotone, one trick like and only does one good, annoying thing during the game until he just becomes way too outscaled. He chucks spears that you can't avoid in any way nonstop or until he's out of mana, his E just wasn't that interesting, and his ult I only felt was good as a free teleport than a damaging demigod from the heavens. Not to mention that his current look just is outdated and stereotyped as this cartoon spartan. BUT, as I said, he looks and feels a lot better now. He still has that feel of a spartan but has a unique feel to him with the designs of his weapons and scars he bears. His gameplay looks enhanced now with what I can presume to be more powerful spears but actually dodge-able now, near identical W but I think also gives some AS from what I could see, E now let's you move and presumably take less damage from the front and his Ult feels more impactful and interesting. I don't know if everyone else feels similar, I've actually seen some ridiculous comments on how his classic look is ruined and some are NOW quitting the game because of that, but I for one am looking forward to this rework and might still play League a bit longer because of it (or keep playing until Riot just completely screws it somehow).
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