Difference between Aatrox and RIven?

why was aatrox nerfed yet riven sill stays the same? She is more mobile, Shield, Stun, Execute Meanwhile with Aatrox he was way less mobile, has a snare, that you can easily get out of,and YOU HAD had TO HIT THEM WITH THE END OF THE Q. I know the "Riven is one of the hardest champions in the game" but that's for those high elo players who actually use her to that potential. Knowing a basic Riven combo doesn't automatically make her he hardest to play, especially from a basic thing anyone can learn. Too many people use that argument when they scrape the bottom of Rivens Mechanical skill/Potential. But I still wan to know why Aatrox was touched so fast and Riven still the way she is.
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