A Skill Game Means Everything should be 50/50

In a skill game, all champs have to balanced around that. So every 1v1 comes down to skill, and not one kit doing more than another. Not only that but everything would have to scale equally too. More skilled player wins. Like a fighting game. But unlike a fighting game, League is 5v5 and has 100 champs that do not fit that mold. If you look at Cassi and Kayn it is easy to wonder how can they exist in the same game. Some Kayns are obviously better than others, but he farms and fights pretty easily while not having to lane. Which leads to pretty casual hard carrying. Cassi needs a lot of skill on top of other things. Like a decent lane matchup, a frontline, the other team not being incredibly mobile, setups for her damage, etc. What does Cassi get for her being made as a higher maintenance champ, and what does Kayn lose for his ability to do it all himself? Players do not understand why they have less fun, but the rewards from playing have disappeared. It is expected and normal to get fed and carry on most all champs. Things that are expected and achieved easily are not rewarding and are really just a downer for when you do not get the expected result. The game is healthier when the real carry isn't expected to get herself fed, but the game needs other carries than marksmen. **The real risk in LoL now is seeking rewarding gameplay** through trying to achieve something difficult. This is a reason the pro games aren't good now too. As good as they are, it is all about champs that can do the most with the least amount of downside risk. Finding ways to get something done that you can't simply do yourself leads to better and more entertaining games. Since we are on the topic, it seems very clear if you carry out of the jungle it should not be through ganking. Being able to gank is a weapon within itself that should lead to being able to do stronger ganks and other similar plays.
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