Feedback to Riot on the QOL teemo changes in 9.18

Hi, I'm a master tier Teemo one trick with over 3 million accumulated mastery points on teemo, I've been playing teemo since season 5, and I have a little bit of a suggestion for Riot, and I was told this was the best place to post said suggestion. A lot of you teemo mains are excited about the teemo mushroom changes that are coming out in 9.18, but small percentage of us know that the changes isn't really a change since we usually use teemo's mushroom as soon as it gets off cooldown, very rarely do I even let it get to 3 stacks. Anyways, my idea is that riot should make it so that as soon as teemo gets his r lvl 6, he instantly gets full mushroom stacks, and every time he levels his ultimate up in the future, he gets full stacks(since the stacks scale) they did the same with heimerdinger. Heimerdinger used to only get 1 stack of turret when the game started, but now he instantly gets full stacks. I don't know if it's still the case but I do remember that even sylas got full mushroom stacks when he steals teemo ultimate. I feel like this idea would actually bring the change that riot was probably thinking with this qol buff. The current change is more towards low elo where they don't use their mushrooms on cooldown, every high elo teemo player that I know uses it on cooldown because it's the best thing to do, so I don't think you should be rewarded less for playing at a better level. I think it's not too much of a change (since we will most likely instantly use up our five stacks and stay at around 2 stacks or less until we can level up our ultimate again.) But it's a big enough change to make the scaling mushroom cooldown changes noticeable.
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